Body Off Restoration of 1964 Corvette Coupe – Part 3

Today was frame repair today, part one.  My son Matt and his friend Nick were the heroes.   The first photo shows the damaged area while the body was still on the car.  Before Nick had arrived, son Matt had made a preliminary cut in the damaged frame.



About that time Nick arrived and got right to cutting, filing and welding in the repair pieces.  I had bought a 23″ repair section and we used part of that to make the repair.  There is an inner panel that had to be welded in first.  After locating it, we discovered that it did not line up with the welding holes in the side repair piece.  Son Matt soon had that piece modified with Nick then welding it in place.  Before closing this area it was sprayed with a self etching primer.  There was also some rust in the cross beam in that area that had to be patched in.


There was also an area just under the swing arm mount where water had collected and had actually spread two pieces of metal apart.  Matt and Nick cut the piece out, cleaned up the rust, clamped the two pieces back together and then welded them.



The two rearmost body mount holes had been enlararged and weakened by rust.  Reinforcement plates were welded there.






The last remaining damaged area will have to wait for another day.  Prior to sandblasting the frame, it was thought that we could fix the right front horn by cutting out the damaged metal and welding in good stuff.  However, the sandblasting revealed that both the inner and outer sections were damaged beyond repair.  I will have to order the repair sections and we will fix those areas possibly next weekend.



While they were doing the welding and fitting, I was taking photos and beginning to take the motor apart in order to re-seal it.   All in all, a productive day.


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