Installing mini-tubs, DSE Quadra Link, and more – Part 8

Matt got up early this morning and completed the exhaust.  He welded threaded studs to the frame rails and then attached the exhaust clamps to it.  He is not happy with the way it looks at the exit and is planning on doing any angle cut a little further back.



He spent some time hooking up the battery, his vacuum pump in the engine bay, and installing the speakers on the rear shelf.  Once he had the trunk work finished, we installed the trunk lid.




As I mentioned earlier in the thread, my Christmas gift to Matt was new carpet.  His gift to me was letting me install it!!  What a guy!!  He hates doing fiddly things like this so he was very happy to see me putting the carpet in.  Those of you who have done this know it is not simply laying the carpet on the floor.  You have to fit it, trim it, cut out the holes for the seat bolts, the seat belts and, in Matt’s case, cut holes for the screws that mounted his amplifier under the passenger seat.  I spent all morning doing this, installing the amp, the seats and the modified backer that goes behind the rear seat.  It had to be shortened due to the tubs.  Once Matt completed his other jobs, he installed the new seat belts.  When we removed his old ones, they showed serious wear as they were the original ones.  The new ones have inertial belts and are a modern setup which does away with the multiple belts of the original system.  The rear seats will have to be modified to clear the tubs.

To check out the radio speaker wiring, he turned on the ignition.  The vacuum pump was hooked up and whirring away.  He unhooked it so we would not have to hear it.  Later, we had a puddle of brake fluid at the junction Matt installed which hooked up the new rear lines to the original lines.  We assume he did not get the double flare made correctly and will have to re-do that.  We also have some fluid dripping from the rear end and will have to check that out.  We did start the car just to make sure everything else worked.  It sounded great through his newly designed exhaust.  Once we chase down the gremlins tomorrow and bleed the brakes, it will be time to test drive it.  And not a minute too soon as he his new job begins on Monday.

As I predicted, Matt was in the garage early Sunday and re-did the flares on the brake lines.  He also completed all of the adjustments on the rear end before I made it to the garage.  We removed the wheels and proceeded to bleed the brakes.  He tightened up the bolts on the pumpkin and appeared to halt the leaks there.  We then took a very short test ride, a little longer test ride, and then a longer test ride with each ride followed by putting the car on the lift.  All was well.  So after loading up some miscellaneous stuff, he was off to his family.  The nearly four week adventure was over.  The past few weeks have been so intense for him that he said he may put the car in his garage and not even look at it for a couple weeks.

Some post-mortem observations:

1.  The car is very solid as evidenced by the sound the doors make when closing them.  The frame connectors and the shock tower brace are doing their job.

2.  The car sounds great with the side exit exhaust.

3.  The back end felt very stable with a good ride.  He did bottom out the rear suspension one time on the way home but we had loaded the trunk with various parts, tools, etc.  Plus the car had settled after our test rides.  He will raise it some to get the ride height set properly.

4.  Matt nearly bit off more than he could chew.  It was a bigger project than he had visualized.  Thus the many hours.  As my buddy mentioned, for him this would have taken the entire winter.

5.  We had a good time!!




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