Installing mini-tubs, DSE Quadra Link, and more – Part 7

After applying the clear coat to the trunk , we spent a good bit of time removing the masking tape from the car and the suspension.  The trunk came out great.  Matt’s research told him that the drive shaft would be a inch short with the Ford 9″.  The pumpkin is basically a NASCAR unit built by one of Matt’s friends.  His friend had a one inch longer yoke so Matt picked it up yesterday evening.  It is a Roush NASCAR piece and it fit perfectly.  One major worry down on the driveshaft.

Next we installed the brakes and the brake lines on the axle.  Now it was time to hook up the emergency brakes.  The brake kit Matt bought to fit within 15″ wheels uses brakes from a Cadillac Eldorado.  The emergency brake applies the brake piston to the rotor.  The kit came with the necessary lines.  Earlier on in this thread, you may recall I cut out the emergency brake mounts from the inner wheel well.  Matt modified these slightly and mounted them to the lower part of the frame rail.

At the end of the day, we were running the new brake lines and had routed one of the fuel lines.  While Matt was doing some of these things, I cleaned up Borla exhaust and clamps that he has had on the car for over 10 years.  I also installed the rear interior side panels during one of the few times the car was on the ground and cleaned up the seats.  Still a fair amount of work to do but the end is near.

Still working on it.  Matt ran the brake lines and fuel lines.  He cut two slots in the left frame rail for the brake line.  The fuel lines were run inside the right frame rail through the openings he had previously installed.  We installed the fuel tank and he hooked up the filter and the fuel lines.

Next up was the exhaust.  After installing the fuel tank, we knew we were in trouble running the exhaust to the rear.  The left side had clearance, but the right side would have been a problem because of the track bar mount.  DSE sells a special gas tank with the right side of it angled for exhaust clearance.  Since we had to deal with what we had, we began brainstorming.  Matt has alway kind of wanted the exhaust to exit just ahead of the rear wheels.  The mufflers had resided in the cavity under the rear seats.  Matt was talking about having to create a 180 degree piece that would circle back and then out the side.  Sounded kind of complicated to me.  After looking everything over, I suggested placing the mufflers under the front seat area instead.  After checking for clearance issues, this is what we did.  We cut up the existing exhaust system to make pieces that would work for the side exit.  By the end of the day, Matt had welded the entire system together.






  1. Real nice job on the camaro Jerry! How does your son like his new job? I have the cal-tracs that I bought from you all cleaned up & painted…ready to install on my car. Will be doing that this month when I get some free time–things have been crazy at work.

    Take care & “Keep em rollin”!!

    • He really likes it. Keeps him busy but it is interesting work. He has been driving his Camaro to work on nice days. It really hooks up with this suspension and the much larger tires and wheels.

      Hope your installation goes well.


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