Installing mini-tubs, DSE Quadra Link, and more – Part 6

Those big wheels and tires were under the car today…at least for a little bit.  We installed the axles in the housing, slipped on the disc brakes and mounted the wheels and tires.  Next we attached the suspension arms.  Then we rolled the axle under the car and hooked everything up.  We needed to get the car at approximate ride height so we set the tires on wooden blocks.  Once we had the axle located laterally and longitudinally, we installed the shocks so we could locate the mounts on the bottom of the shock tower brace.  After tacking the shock mounts, we disassembled everything and Matt began the finish welding.  He welded from 11AM to 6PM until he ran out of wire.  More welding tomorrow, then it will be time to lay some seam sealer, paint the pieces, and begin putting the car back together.  We are on the downhill run now.

Matt spent nearly all day yesterday welding, making some gussets for the shock tower brace and wire wheeling some areas in preparation for painting.




About seven years ago Matt had back surgery.  All of the work of the past three weeks is beginning to take a toll on his poor back.  One of the next jobs was installing the pumpkin in the axle assembly.  He had a meeting this morning so, while he was gone, I pushed the container holding the pumpkin to the area below my overhead hoist.  We  then used the hoist to first lift the pumpkin and then lower it onto the axle.  Saved both of our backs.

Now we were ready to paint the bottom.  First we went over the entire bottom with brake cleaner to remove the remaining dirt.  We used POR15 and began with their Prep & Ready material.  We brushed on the Prep & Ready and let it sit for about 15 minutes.  For paint, we decided to brush on the POR15 as we wanted really good penetration in the welds and other seam areas.  This material has the best coverage of any type of paint material we have ever used.  It only took a little over a pint to paint the entire bottom from the transmission back.

Tomorrow we are going to address some areas on the interior, paint the trunk area and use seam sealer on all seams.  After that, we can finally begin to put the car back together.  Won’t be long now.

He did apply the seam seal to all seams today.  He also sprayed the wheelwells with a textured finish.  We then installed the Quadra Link suspension pieces.  Everything fit well.  Since we have not installed the gas tank, the interior, the exhaust and the drive shaft, I stood in the trunk while Matt set the ride height.  He will probably have to adjust it once we have everything installed.  After preparing the trunk area, he painted it with the factory gray/white spot paint.  He still has to apply the clear to the trunk as the paint was not dry by the time we were ready to quit.  As you can see below, we masked off the entire car to prevent overspray so I do not have a good picture of the car’s stance.

We spent a good deal of time today cleaning up my garage.  Three weeks of cutting, grinding, and sanding pretty much trashed it.  However, it cleaned up well.

Tomorrow we plan on installing the drive shaft, the exhaust, the fuel tank, run some fuel and brake lines, bleed brakes and hopefully drive it.


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