Cars & Coffee 11-5-11

Saturday morning, November 5th, promised to be cold and was so. However, that did not keep a hardy bunch of car nuts from descending on the Panera Bread parking lot with their steeds. Cars & Coffee is a nationwide network of car enthusiast gatherings with their own website. Panera Bread at Northlake Mall is the Charlotte location.

Those of us weaned on your typical cruise-in type cars have to re-cablibrate your car senses. While some typical hot rods and muscle cars show up, more typical are the Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Lamborghini’s that populate the parking lot. It’s great fun to show my Camaro but this show called for bringing out the Porsche.  I spent a couple days getting it ready and then made the 45 minute trip to the



Did I say Ferrari’s?  Lots of them, both newer and older models. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for a Ferrari 308/328. A number of them were there with one of them even up for sale. Be still my pounding heart!!!



Later model Ferrari’s were represented by both 355 and 360 models. My wife needs to sell more paintings before I can even think about one of these.





Not to be outdone, Lambo’s were out in force. The Diablo and its successor, the Murcielego, were fine sights to see. Pretty hard to beat these cars for being outrageous.





I no more than got out of my car when a Porsche club member began asking me questions about my car. Turns out he had a 2003 version very similar to my 2001 model with very nearly the same miles. By 2003, the aero kit rear wing had been toned down
compared to mine.



A 1990 Porsche 964 RS also attracted my attention with it’s racing seats, roll bar, remote shock reservoirs, and the lowered stance. It has enough RUF parts to make it a serious car with power and handling that are matched. Surprisingly, the car has never been tracked. It certainly is ready for those adventures.



Another interesting car was the Noble M400 kit car. Only the English seem to be able to make these wonderful kit cars that are especially efficient on track days. This may be the best looking kit car ever.




My brother-in-law once had a white TR6 similar to the one on display. My son’s first car was a’74 TR6, the same year as this car. So it was natural for me to strike up a conversation with the owner. He has owned the car for 12 years and did a full restoration himself in 2005. The wire wheels are the finishing touch.




On the muscle car side, Dodge was well represented by this 1969 Charger. Blessed with a hemi, Billet Specialties wheels, and beautiful black paint, it was striking.




Two Nova’s caught my eye. The ’69 was black a beautiful while the ’67 was striking in its copper metallic paint. Both were fantastic cars.





The most intersting car there was this 1951 Cirtroen 15/6.  The “6” means in had an inline 6 cylinder motor which was very rare in postwar France where fuel economy was vital as were the four cylinder cars that provided it.  This was a very tall six cylinder that the hood barely covered.  It had a barn find quality with some cleaning up.  Overall, it was a striking and unique car.



What a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday crisp Saturday morning.  The coffee from Panera Bread was as much appreciated for its handwarming abilities as for its taste.  This event happens the first Saturday of each month.

For more photos, go to:


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  1. My name is Dave Mizell. Treasurer of Southern Corvette Club of Concord.
    I am trying to reach the Jerry who spoke to Alice McCrorie re. Joining our club. My # is 704-608-8942. Hopefully I have reached the right Jerry Forthofer.

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