Mocksville Cruise-In 10-3-11

Now that the car is running again and I missed the action for the entire summer, I am hitting the cruise-in’s with a vengeance.  Monday, the 3rd, was a beautiful evening for the forty-five minute drive to Mocksville.  Daniel Boone and his relatives lived here and his parents are buried here.  My wife and I visited the gravesite this past summer and were surprised that it was not maintained better.

I arrrived to find many of our Rockwell crowd already there and chowing down in the downtown restaurant.






Mocksville has a great atmosphere with the center square anchored with four very large trees.  The cars park front end first along main street with the old buildings as a background.




Being a Camaro guy, I naturally gravitated to a couple of fine examples.  Also there was a fine cousin Firebird.





I really liked this 1952 Chevrolet powered by a LS motor.  Fantastic paint and great interior made for a super car.





Much more unique was the hand built open wheel race car driven there from Winston-Salem, about 30 miles away.  Turns out that was a short drive for this owner.  Last summer, for a charity event, he drove the car from North Carolina to Chicago, on to Minneapolis and then back home.  That would be an epic drive in a very basic car.

He races the car at road courses in this area.  The body is bare aluminum.  When I asked him what color he was going to paint it, he said he wasn’t going to paint it.  He had built a previous tribute McClaren Can-Am car out a aluminum and painted it McClaren orange.  It so upset him that people thought it was a fiberglass kit car, that he vowed not to paint this car as he hand formed all of the panels including making the wooden bucks.  It is powered with a LT1 motor with an Audi transmission.  Weighing only 1800 pounds, it would be very fast.



A number of nice Ford’s were also on display.  Everything from Mustangs to sedans.



Unfortunately, I had to leave early for a meeting.  I will have to wait until spring as this was the last Mocksville event this year.  For more photos, go to:


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