Installing a LS1 Motor in my 1977 Camaro-Part 8

While waiting for the parts to come back from the chromer, I began to hook
up other systems on the car. While Kooks had installed the Z-Bar, they had not hooked up the clutch pedal to the Z-Bar. Initially I struggled with this until I figured out that the pivot ball adapter had moved the Z-Bar towards the outside of the car somewhat thus not allowing the clutch pedal arm to fit. Took the Z-Bar off and used some friendly persuasion on the vice to bend it to fit.  I also had to open up the hole in the firewall to keep the rod on the clutch
pedal from rubbing. Finally, it was done.

The O2 sensors were next on the list. I mounted them in the bungs that Kooks had provided. The speedometer sender mounts on the side of the transmission. I would be wiring it later. While I was under the car, I hooked up the ground from the motor to the frame.

Back on top of the motor, the steam hose runs from the front of the intake
to the throttle body and then to the radiator. The throttle cable was the next item to be installed.

My original plan was to mount the computer in my glove box. Since I had already cut a small hole in my glove box for the EZ-EFI computer, I cut a
larger hole to accommodate the factory LS computer. While the computer physically fit, there was not enough room on the rear between the back of the computer and the AC unit to fit the large plugs. Time for plan B. After test fitting it in various areas, I decided to place it under the carpet in the
passenger foot well. I lost a couple inches of foot room, but it was invisible. As for cooling, I decided it had to be cooler there than in the engine bay where it would have been mounted in the 1999 Firebird donor car.

Now it was time to feed the wiring harness from the passenger area to the
engine bay. The plugs were too large for my 2″ hole so I could not feed
them from the engine side. It took me well over an hour to feed everything
through the hole. I inserted the large plugs into the rear of the computer and
then laid everything out on the engine side to check for fit. It appeared that
it would fit, but I would have to wait until I mounted the injectors to know
for sure.

Next up was installing the vacuum line for my brakes. The vacuum fitting on the rear of the intake took a 1/2″ line but that was too large for the fitting on my vacuum booster. So I cut a smaller diameter hose to use as a sleeve to make this fitting work with the 1/2″ line.

Preliminary wiring was next on the list. Wait4Me Performance had modified my
wiring harness and labeled the connections accordingly. I began by hooking up
the factory wiring to the plugs on the motor. I was able to eliminate some that
would not be needed. On the passenger side, there was a strange plug
arrangement where the wires when in one end of the plug and then back into the
harness. I cut the wires on both side of the plug and then soldered them
together thus eliminating this large plug.

The tach signal for the computer puts out a 4 cylinder signal. This meant I had to pull the instrument panel, remove the tach, and adjust the DIP switches for a 4 cylinder signal.

To make more room in the engine compartment I had installed a Detroit Speed wiper motor. This motor is more compact than the factory motor and gives the driver five intermittent and two full time wiper speeds. The motor had been
installed during the time the car was at the body shop to have the firewall
smoothed. My plan was to finalize the electrical hookup after the motor was running. However, once I knew I had to pull the instrument panel, it was time
to replace the wiper switch and complete the wiring. The new switch uses the
original mounting holes. There was a hole with a grommet in the firewall that
was in the right location and was the right diameter. After running the harness
into the engine bay, I had to assemble the plug for the wiper motor and then
simply plug it in. On the inside of the car, I had to run a line to ground and
to 12V ignition.

By now a week had passed and it was time to get the parts back from the chromer.


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