Installing a LS1 Motor in my 1977 Camaro-Part 7

Kooks had my car for five weeks to install the headers and exhaust system.  They broke the arm on their digitizer and lost some time there.  Plus it was a challenge designing the exhaust system to fit my car.

To make my manual clutch work, I ordered a pivot ball adapter for the clutch Z-Bar.  After three months it finally arrived.  I took it to Kooks and they installed it.  To do that, they had to shave a portrusion on the side of the block.  George, the sales manager, has a friend at GM whom he called to make sure this piece could be modified.









It was decided to go with a full 3″ exhaust with a crossover and use Kooks’s mufflers.  The entire system is stainless steel so it will likely last longer than the car.  They did a beautiful job.  The headers tuck in tight to the motor and do not hang down past the oil pan.  On my old motor, the passenger side header was a couple inches lower than the driver’s side.  Scraping the bottom of the header was inevitable.

Kooks also made a 5″ diameter cold air intake pipe which placed the K & N cone filter in the driver’s side front corner.  It also turned out very well.  Nice clean look.

Since the car has been back in the garage, I installed the Griffin LS conversion radiator.  It has both of the hose fittings on the passenger side.  It also has provisions for the steam release line from the heads.  Since it was slightly thicker than the old radiator, I had to ream out the holes on the chrome radiator support cover to make it fit.  I also had to notch the radiator support on the driver’s side to allow for the weld seam in the radiator so it would fit flush.









Next up I installed the radiator fan.  Now I was ready to hunt for radiator hoses.  I cut up a couple coat hangers and bent them to simulate the hose paths.  With them in tow, I spent an hour or so looking through all of the radiator hoses looking for ones that might fit.  I found three possibles and, after doing a bit of cutting, I was able to make two of them work.

Next I installed the new fuel rails.  I was able to use my existing fuel lines to hook them up.  The fuel rails came in anodized red with red and blue fittings.

Those colors did not fit in my scheme of things, so I took the fuel rails with the fittings, the aluminum air intake pipe and the coil covers to a place that chromes things.  I should have them back in a week.



  1. I have a Ls3 and am looking for a carbon fibre intake cover like yours were did you get it from ? rob

    • I bought it on Craigslist from a guy who have never installed it after having the carbon fiber look painted on. At the time I bought this there was an EBay auction for this service. It held up well and looked great.

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