Installing a LS1 Motor in my 1977 Camaro-Part 6

Took the car to Kooks Custom Headers today.  They had me meet with some of the techs to go over how the exhaust system was to be installed.  Very nice people.





They had a number of interesting cars in their work bay.  Everything from drag cars to street rods to SCCA race cars.   Clint Boyer’s ’69 Camaro was there for an exhaust.


They asked if I had brought a car cover.  Hadn’t thought of that so, after driving home and helping my buddy unhook his trailer, I drove back with the car cover.  I ended up in the sales manager’s office talking about the car.  We were discussing the exit for the exhaust and I told him I wanted it like my old exhaust where it exited straight down inside the rear fender areas.  We went to my blog so he could see what the rear end looked like with my old exhaust.


I was also telling him about my thread on Nasty Z28 about the LS1 install.  As he was scrolling down the photos, he came to the picture of the K & N intake in one of the posts above.  “That’s ugly” he said and I told him I felt the same but was having a difficult time coming up with something that will work.  “Hell, let’s build one for you!!” was his next comment.  We then went out to the car, he grabbed some 3 1/2″ pipe and we talked about how it should fit.  He had one of his fabricators come over, talked to him a bit, and we had a plan.  I am riding my motorcycle over there in the morning to take him the cone filter and the connectors.  It will be polished stainless steel!!  Should be pretty cool!!

By the way, this is George’s, the sales manager, car.





  1. I’m at the cold air intake stage, which one did you use?

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