Installing a LS1 Motor in my 1977 Camaro-Part 5

When I looked at the Billet Specialties (BS) front runner kit for LS motors, I noticed that the AC compressor and power steering pump were in the same locations.  After talking with the company rep, I was sure my AC lines would work with a question mark on the PS lines.

First I re-installed the BS power steering reservoir on the inner fender.   Then I hooked up the lines to the pump and the steering box.  Voila!!  Everything fit exactly as on the old motor.  Saved some money here as these lines were not cheap.

I then re-installed the BS radiator overflow tank and hooked up the overflow line.

Now it was time to hook up the heater hoses.  First I installed the heater hose nipples.  I had to cut about 6″ from the old heater hoses.  I like the location of the heater hose hookups as they are down low as opposed to being on top of the waster pump on the old motor.  Much cleaner installation.

One of the things I really like about the BS front runner kit is the AC manifold.  It places the hookups down low for a much cleaner installation.  I don’t care for the AC hookups with the AC lines running on top of the motor.  Because of this manifold, I can run the lines low to the passenger front corner and then over under the fender back to the firewall.

Time to hook up the AC lines.  As I suspected, they fit exactly as on the old motor.  Big money and time savings here.





For the air intake, I found a twin snorkel unit designed for C5 Corvettes.  First I installed the Mass Air Flow (MAF) to the throttle body and then tried to fit the snorkel to the MAF.  It hit the radiator fan.  Next I installed the snorkel directly to the throttle body and then placed the MAF at one end of the snorkel followed by the cone filter.  It looked good, but upon further inspection, I saw that it would interfered with the heater hose.

After doing some research, I discovered that my old radiator would not work with the LS motor as the radiator hose sizes are different.  Plus the old radiator did not have a bung for the steam release hose.  I ordered a Griffin LS swap radiator which has all the hose connections on the passenger side.  This will make for a clean installation, but precludes having any type of air intake going in that direction.   I ordered a K & N air intake with a single intake located in the drivers side front fender.

I was at Autozone getting something when I noticed a small single filter that looked like it would fit.  I did buy it and mount it but am afraid it would not flow enough air.  The car goes to Kooks Custom Headers on June 27th to be used as a guinea pig for them to design a set of headers and the exhaust system for LS motor swaps in 2nd gen Camaros.  They will have the car for 2-3 weeks.  Once I get it back, I can complete the air intake, install the fuel rails,  and do the wiring.


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