4/2/2011 Golden Gait Cruise-in, Concord, NC

Earlier in the day, I had taken in Cars & Coffee with its electic group of cars.  The Golden Gait cruise-in was more traditional.  It was held at Golden Gait trailers in Concord, NC.  Golden Gait makes all type of trailer for cars, motorcycles, horses, and about anything else you can think of.

I arrived just as they were serving free food.  Guess where I found Rick and Reese.  They wanted me to join them near the front of the line but I was sure I would be pummeled by the angry, hungry people behind them.  So I checked out some cars.

I really liked this 1955 Ford PU.  Great stance and cool interior.

This 280Z had a small block Chevy. 

This 1970 Camaro had a big blower sticking through the hood and was in great condition.  I also liked this 1929 Nash because it was so different.  Don’t see many of these around.

It would be difficult to make a 1951 Ford convertible look better than this one.  Everything from the stance, to the wheels, to the interior were spot on. 

So ended a busy Saturday.  Since Mooresville was also have their cruise-in the same day, some headed there.  Two cruise-ins was enought for me.  Time to head for home.


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