4/2/2011 Cars & Coffee Charlotte

Our newly formed Camaro club, Classic Camaro’s of the Carolinas, held our second meeting by first gathering at the Cars & Coffee event at Panera Bread at Northlake Mall.  They meet the first Saturday of each month.  Cars & Coffee is a nationwide organization holding car gatherings all over the country.  http://usa.carsandcoffee.info/  I had heard about it but had never attended.  It was eye opening with a very electic group of cars.  There was everything from muscle cars to Ferraris with a Tesla electric car in between.

I’ll  begin with the Tesla electric car.  It was brought by a dealer and was opened up for all to see.  It is based on the Lotus Elise but with more amenities and weight.  Very cool looking electric car.  Not your average Volt or Leaf.

The Porsche club was well represented.  I’ll have to take the Porsche over there sometime.  Both early and late cars were well represented. 

A few Ferrari’s showed up and are always interesting. 

Here are a few other interesting cars.  A Volvo 544 isn’t a car you see everyday.  How about an Army truck.  Or an Alfa Romeo Sprint 1600.  An Ultima?? 

Not as exotic but this is the first time I had seen the 556HP Cadillac CTS-V wagon.  I liked it.  And then there were the muscle and vintage cars.  Everything from Camaro’s to Chargers to Corvettes.

After drooling over the cars, the club members drove the 1.5 miles to RK Motors.  One of our members runs the shop there.  It is a great place to meet as there were around 50 muscle cars for sale.  All of them were spectacular and RK’s goal is to be the largest muscle car dealer in the county.


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