3/12/11 Kannapolis Cruise-In

What a perfect day for the first Kannapolis Cruise-In for 2011.  Sunny skies and 70 degrees.  After working on the car during the winter months installing fuel injection, power windows and power mirrors, I was more than ready to get it out.  Since this was an off weekend for NASCAR, my son and his wife dropped off our grandson, Garrett, for us to take care of while they spent some quality time together.  So Garrett got to go to a cruise-in with papa. 

Garrett isn’t the ultimate car fan.  To make it more interesting for him, we printed up a certificate that would honor Garrett’s choice as his favorite car.  Also, once we arrived, he ended up with the camera and proceeded to take over 100 photos.  This, then, will be a view of the Kannapolis Cruise-In through the eyes of a 10 year old.


Since it is a cruise-in, Garrett sat in his chair and snapped cars as they cruised in to the show.

Garrett likes cars with flames.  He ultimately gave his certificate to a Honda CRX with flames but, unfortunately, his papa somehow did not get the photo transferred to the files.

He also likes trucks!!!  The bigger the better!!!

Tractors also caught his attention.

He’s a sucker for any dog as he loves his Brewster!!!

And there you have it.  We had a great time checking out the cars.  Kannapolis is one of the best locations for a car show because of the layout with the center divider with lots of trees.  Temps in the 70’s didn’t require shade, but that shade will be welcome in future months.  See you next time.


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