Bought a Harley V-Rod

Back in 2004, my then service manager and I traveled to Montana to inspect one of our homes.  At the end of the day, we had a little time to kill.  Since my service manager was into motorcycles, he asked if it we could stop at the local Harley dealer.  At this point I had never ridden a motorcycle and did not think I had any interest in doing so.  However, the then relatively new V-Rod sure caught my attention.  With my background in Porsche’s, the fact that Porsche designed the engine was a big attraction.  I liked everything about it except for the price.

Upon returning from that trip, I began looking at bikes.  Since I wasn’t sure how much I would like riding a motorcycle and could not afford a new Harley, I decided to buy a 2004 Kawasaki 1600N cruiser.  It was a great bike and I  discovered I loved to ride motorcycles.

Because of my background with German vehicles, I  bought a BMW 1150RT.  Great bike to ride but too tall for my short legs so it soon left.  Before long, I had my wife Sharon riding a bike as well.  However, a beautiful 2006  April Sunday afternoon in Texas nearly turned tragic as a deer decided to run into Sharon while she was riding her Honda 750.  Fortunately, her injuries were minor but she, obviously, did not want to ride anymore.  I sold my bike and we quit riding.

2008 found us retired  in a beautiful house in North Carolina.  I  became friends with my retired neighbor Reese who was into street rods and cars in general.  Not long after we moved here, he decided it was time to get a Harley.  Soon he was riding often on his Street Glide.  After a while, I couldn’t stand seeing him taking those rides without me on the many beautiful roads in this area.  So, in April of 2010, I bought an ’08 Sportster 1200.  Very low miles and it was like new.  Did the advanced riding school and I was soon legal to ride.  We ride two or three times a week and it has been great fun.

However, I never totally forgot the V-Rod.  As is my habit, I scan Craigslist for objects of interest to me, including V-Rod’s.  Just before Christmas, I came across a 2005 VRSCB black V-Rod with 6450 miles at an affordable price.  I have had Mustang seats on two of my bikes and loved them.  That this bike had a Mustang seat was a huge plus.  It also had new Metzler tires, a sissy bar, a luggage rack, a windshield, Vance & Hines pipes, an exterior temp gauge and an oil temp gauge as extras.

Reese and I checked it out, I rode it a short distance, and I wanted it!!  Though it has lots more power than the Sportster, it wasn’t difficult to ride, the shifter was much better than the Sportster and it had a smoother ride.  I rode it the 45 miles back to my home on Christmas Eve morning in 42 degree weather.  After that ride, I was even more convinced that I had made the right decision.

Boy, is there is lot of aluminum to polish on a V-Rod!  I spent three days cleaning, polishing and waxing to make it look like it should.  Now it was time to transfer some of my goodies from the Sportster.  For safety reasons, I have a modulator that makes my headlight flash when I am riding and another one that makes my brake light flash 5-6 times before going solid.  Another device on my Sportster opens the garage door when you toggle the headlight switch from low to high beam.  Now all of these little devices are on the V-Rod.

Since I am a GPS junkie, the GPS mount was soon mounted to the V-Rod’s handlebars.  I hard wired this to the accessory circuit so it comes on when the ignition is turned on.

Unusual for both a Sportster and a V-Rod are floorboards.  The aftermarket floorboards I had installed on the Sportster fit the V-Rod as well.

With the unusually cold weather we have been having, spending a week in the garage fussing with the bike was a perfect way to beat the weather.  Now all I need to do is sell the Sportster.  I may wait until warm weather is around the corner in hopes of getting a better price for it.

I am looking forward to some nice weather to really try it out.  Before long, Reese and I will soon be hitting the roads again.


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