11-13-10 Kannapolis Cruise-In

Not sure why they did it, but the promoters of the Kannapolis Cruise-in posted a full page ad for their last cruise of the year.  As a result, instead of having their ususal large turnout, the turnout was huge.  No wonder as it is one of the best venues for a cruise in this area.  The beautiful tree lined street in full fall foliage coupled with the attractive buildings with shopping opportunities for the ladies makes for the perfect setting.  On top of that, it was a picture perfect autumn day.

Reese, Kim and I arrived almost simultaneously with Rick and Vivian and managed to all park together.  Soon Kim and Vivian were shopping and we were checking out the cars.

As usual, there were tons of tri-fives but the one that most impressed us was a silver/black 1955 that was spectacular.  The paint, the interior, the engine, everything was done to perfection.  Stunning car.

We also saw some very nice Mustangs.  I don’t know if it was a real one, but there was a Boss 429 there with that awesome motor.  Talk about filling up the engine bay.

Another winner was this LaSalle.  The interior had a lof of current Cadillac DNA and the motor was a Cadillac Northstar.  Very well done and one I would like to be seen in.

Second gen Camaro’s were also well represented.  There were a number of RS’s that caught my eye.



This ’68 Camaro was a bit more radical!!

The foreign cars were hugely outnumbered but were well respresented.  A british racing green 1974 TR6 was very well done.  As my son used to have a ’74 TR6, I was very interested in talking with the owner.  I mentioned to him the sticker I once had in a car trailer that showed the Lucas light switch positions:  Dim, Flicker, & Off!!

A very cool Pantera in appropriate orange fall colors made an impression.  I also liked the black VW beetle.  It was in tip top shape.


What a great way to end the Kannapolis cruise season!!  We had a great time.  To see more pics, check out the “Cruise-In Photos” tab above.


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