10-31-2010 Porsche Club Race at CMP

As if I had not had enough car overload for the weekend, Sharon and I drove south to Kershaw, SC to check out both the Porsche Club race and the Carolina Motorsports Park race track. 

We arrived around lunch time on Sunday which was too late for most of the activity.  A car show was in progress with both Porsches and other marques. 

There had been an enduro race that morning but it was over by the time we arrived.  There were cars on the track for Drivers Education (DE) time.  We walked around a bit of the track accessible from the infield.  It appears to be an interesting track, fairly flat and, according to some drivers we talked with, a technical track.  The facilities were first rate.  The drivers did mention that the track surface was really hard on tires. 

We met a couple guys from the Tampa area who had both won first place trophies at the event with their 911 Carrera’s.  They were very complimentary about the track and about how well the event was run.  It is unusual to get trophies at club races so they were especially pleased with the very nice trophies presented to them.

We also talked with a gentleman who had just parked after running a DE session.  I complimented him on the graphics on his 2007 GT3.  He said he had only been driving about a year and was still learning.  Being in the learning process had not stopped him from purchasing and selling a 2010 GT3 and he had just taken delivery of a 2011 GT3RS.  Sharon saw an orthodontist decal on his car so there is definitely money in teeth as the base price for a GT3RS is $132,800!!  He was an extremely personable guy still high after just completing a session.  He was having a great time.

There was an interesting 911 race car.  It was a Fabcar 911 which means it was a mid-engine rather than rear engine car.  According to the names on the roof, Hurley Haywood and Tom Hessert had raced this car in its past.  It looked very racy.

We were also impressed with the size of the go-kart track.  The carts were limited to 45mph but the track must have been at least a 1/2 mile long.  I should have done a session as it looked to be very challenging. 

We can see that this is an attractive place for both club racing and DE events.  Next time we will be sure to arrive on Saturday to see the action.


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