10-30-10 Goodguys Charlotte

Since it was a bit chilly early on Saturday morning, Matt and I decided to arrive at the Goodguys show at Charlotte Motor Speedway around mid-morning.  I arrived somewhat earlier than Matt and had the opportunity to look around for awhile. 

One of the first cars I came across was a ’40 Ford that I had seen the evening before at Detroit Speed.  It’s not unusual to see a Chevy motor in a ’40 Ford but it is unusual to see a big block.  Even more unusual is to see that big block mated with a Tremec  6 speed manual transmission. 

The owner was from Morganton, NC and has owned this car since at least 1965.  In 1965, he was looking for a 327 to put into this car.  The place he went to buy one was out of 327’s but said they would give him a good deal on a 396.  He bought the engine and put it in his car.  Remember, this is 1965 and 396’s were just appearing in production cars!!  Instead of chroming everything, he has an original style air cleaner, original orange valve covers, stock type hoses, etc. for a factory install look.  Over the years, it has had a number of different transmissions, both auto and manual.  He is considering a six speed automatic with paddle shifters for the next iteration.  Very interesting car and owner!!  The owner is standing across from the door in the upper left photo.

Interesting intakes were everywhere.  

Everything from a mailbox to huge stacks to the bizzare!!

Since it was Halloween weekend, this car was fitting!!

We also found a work truck for Matt’s son Garrett!!

Check out these late 40’s Chevy’s.

And a couple of cool Plymouths!!

There was an autocross set up in the infield.  The Mustang and the Camaro both turned very competitive times.

All in all, it was a great show with many really, really good cars.  Lots of ingenuity was shown.  For more photos, see the link on the right for the 2010 Goodguys Show.


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