10-29-10 Detroit Speed Open House

The night before at our local Sonic cruise, I met Paul, one of Detroit Speed Engineering’s longest serving employees.  Because DSE specializes in Camaro suspension upgrades, he had gravitated to my car.  He mentioned that, as part of the Goodguys show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, DSE was having an open house Friday evening and invited me to attend.

Since son Matt works in Mooresville, it was a short drive for him to be there after work.  While Matt was pretty well used up after a hard week at Red Bull, he still took the time to check some of the special cars built be DSE.  A few years ago, they built a 2nd gen Camaro for Dale, Jr.  It was striking with its orange paint.  Very nice car. 

Recently, DSE  had completed a ’69 Camaro for Kyle Busch.  It had a LS motor with a supercharger and a great interior.  Of course both cars had lots of Detroit Speed’s suspension upgrades which makes them into killer handling cars.  While I have some nice suspension goodies on my car, it would be great to have the dough to install all the Detroit Speed goodies.  Unfortunately, I don’t make quite the same money as Kyle and Jr

Quite a number of very nice cars showed up.  One that caught my eye was a 1955 Plymouth. Great stance, interior and motor.

Another one was the 1965 Ford with the 427 and four speed.

There was aslo a neat ’69 Camaro that was highly customized.

Here are a few more goodies.

DSE put out a big spread of food with lots of room to sit down and eat it.  Great open house.

 See the link on the right for lots more photos of the Charlotte Goodguys show.


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  1. The interior of the Camaro is really cool!

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