9-25-10 Problems on way to Asheboro

Our nighbors Reese and Kim and Sharon and I had intentions of attending the Asheboro Cruise-In.  We were cruising along on Hwy 49 on a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon when Reese suddenly pulled his ’38 Chevy to the berm.  There had been a big clunk and then vibration.  We looked under the car but could not see anything obvious.  After discussing the issue for a bit, Reese decided to try to drive up the road to a better pull off position.  The car ran but there it was not making good noises and the vibrations were still present. 

The only solution at this point was to go back to Reese’s house and get the trailer.  We left Kim and Sharon to guard the car while Reese and I drove back home in my Camaro.  It was a hour and a half before we returned.  After unloading the car at Reese’s house and putting it on the lift, we soon found the problem.  The front universal joint had partially come apart.  Reese was very lucky that the drive shaft did not completely let go. 

Coupled with a less than attractive site for the Locust cruise-in the previous week, some other issues that Reese had had with his tranny and carb and it has not been one of the better two week periods.  Such is the “joy” of ownership of old cars!!  Fortunately, there are more good days than bad.


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