9-2-10-Sonic Rockwell-Romance Blossoms

Romance blossoms at the Sonic Cruise-in.  Petey is smitten by Jerry and cannot resist laying on a big fat juicy one!!  Jerry’s face becomes as red as a fire truck!!   Wife is very jealous of Petey!!  Threatens retaliation!!  Film at eleven!!

You just never know what is going to happen at your local cruise-in.  Fortunately, others were more restrained than Petey.  While it was a warm evening, the lack of humidity and a nice breeze made it suprisingly bearable.   Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

And then there were the Ford Mustang people wistfully looking at the Chevy’s, thinking if only they could get a Chevy, their lives would be complete!!   If only they could convince the Chevy guys to take their Mustangs on trade!!

While it wasn’t the largest turnout, there were a lot of nice cars to ogle.  An “in progress” Ford pickup sure attracted attention on its first visit to the Sonic.  There was a beautiful Chevelle with a fuel injected and supercharged motor.

Check out this variety of cars.

Since I am a Camaro man, I really liked this ’68.  And the color is right as well.

All in all, a great evening for those that did not wimp out because of the heat….Reese!!  Oops, I wasn’t going to mention that!!  I AM SO SORRY!!

More photos can be seen on the “Cruise-in Photos” tab above.


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