8-28-10-2010 Autofair

IT WAS HOT!!!  After looking at the extended forecast leading up to the 2010 Autofair, we all anticipated fairly moderate temperatures and humidity.  Was the weatherman ever wrong!!  By mid-afternoon, we were all sweltering.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I did not do my usual roaming.  Nevertheless, when you are surrounded by thousands of cars, you can put up with some weather issues.

I and the other Carolina Camaro Association members arrived in the dark Saturday morning to park out cars in the pit area.  We had a great assortment of all the generations represented.  Bobby Bonds, event organizer, had done a wonderful job of making all the arrangements including plentiful drinks (much appreciated) and doughnuts.

After cleaning off the bugs, it was time to find my friends Reese and Rick and wives.  Rick, ever on the lookout for freebies, discovered the Oldsmobile club entry was free.  Guess which car he brought…his ’55 Olds.  Not only did he bring it, he won first place with it.  Not bad for the first time he entered it.  Congratulations Rick & Vivian.

Reese and Kim took home a trophy as well.  In their car club, your car must by 1975 or earlier so they have a lot of great vintage cars.  They award an overall best of show trophy and give out trophies to their “Top Twenty”  cars.  Reese and Kim snagged one of those “Top Twenty” trophies.  Congratulations to them as well.

The five of us cruised through the vendors for a couple hours.  I found a great buy for my son’s ’79 El Camino.  Four center caps, trim rings and a set of lug nuts for $20.  Snagged a ride back to the Camaro display area on a golf cart and waited for my son Matt to arrive.  He arrived about the time judging was happening for our cars, so we left to wander through the vendors again.  He found a used steering wheel for the ‘mino.  After eating lunch and looking at a few more cars, he had had enough of the hot weather and headed for home.

Spent the afternoon looking at a few more cars, but mostly taking it easy and trying to stay cool.  I did see a car I had read about, but never seen before.  A Honda 600, the first Honda model imported to the states. Very basic, very small car.   I also spotted one of Kim’s dream cars, a 50’s Studebaker.

Our other club members were doing likewise as everyone gathered in what shade there was.  I may have to bring our tent for the next event.  It would have been helpful.

0 dark thirty saw all of us doing the same thing Sunday morning.  After a quick clean up, I decided to walk the car displays before it became unbearable.  Having been a Porsche club member since 1978, I naturally gravitated to their area.  They had a great turnout with lots of cars.  Interesting to me since I used to have a 944 track car was a 944 race car with a Chevrolet LS engine.  It was very well done and that motor sure looked like it belonged in that engine bay.

While not a Porsche, the all new Mercedes SLS AMG with gullwing doors was a stunner.  The engine was set well back of the front axle which gives the car its long hood, short deck appearance.  I had seen magazine photos, but the car was much more impressive in person.

My son worked for Michelin for 12 years designing race tires.  Zach Merrill, one of his Michelin friends, drove his beautiful Morris Minor woody up from Greenville, SC.  This is Zach’s baby and has a Toyota Twin-Cam motor that looks like it was installed at the factory.  With AC and other modern goodies, this is an unbelievable ride.  Zach and I talked for quite awhile about cars, family and, of course, my son Matt.  Zach also came over to check out my Camaro.

Another interesting car was a MGB.  I saw it drive in and at first I was confused about what the type of car it was.  I realized it was a MGB and saw it again near Zach’s car.  Zach knew the owner and the history.  The guy bought it in 1970 and then a few years later converted it to its present configuration.  Those modifications included the bodywork you see as well as installing a Ford 289 in place of the anemic four cylinder.  He has run it in this configuration now for nearly forty years.

Our club awards were given out at 12:30.  Angela Naff won two awards, best of show and best fourth gen.  Jimmie Felton was best paint.  Larry Herman took best 1st gen while Leann Wilborn took best 5th gen.  Paul Cochrane was awarded best engine while I took best interior.   Rodney Bataille took best exterior and Tim Spires took best third gen.  Steve Marsfelder took best 2nd gen while Jimmy Felton won People’s Choice.  Charlie Pierce took best daily drive while the very coveted “Eating the Most Doughnuts” award went to Wil Duncan for an extraordinary performance.

Angela and Jimmy moved on to compete for the overall show awards.  Marcus Smith, son of Bruton Smith, greeted each of the winners in the winner’s circle.  While Angela did not win another award, Jimmy was awarded best paint for the entire show!!!  Congratulations Jimmy!!

There are more photos from the Autofair on the “Food Lion Autofair” tab above.  Clicking on any of the photos above or on the “Food Lion Autofair” tab will make them full size.

And, with the awards finished, the 2010 Autofair fall edition was over.  See you next spring.


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  1. Love the Honda 600 and the Morris Minor!

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