Transmission is apart!!

I took the transmission to Tom Huber in Franklin, TN yesterday.  After taking a tour of his cars (Very Nice!!), we put the transmission on his work table and took it apart.  We discovered the the bearing on the end of the main shaft had failed at the output shaft.  Both shafts have to be replaced. 

All the gears looked good except for 2nd gear.  I had been having a problem with it going into second gear and occasionally popping out.  The gear was damaged but not by what happened on the main shaft.  It appeared that the transmission had been rebuilt and 2nd gear should have been replaced then. 

Overall, the rest of the bearings and the synchronizers looked good.  The main shaft is on backorder until the first of July and Tom is going to his Florida home the first part of July so it will be sometime later in July before I get it back.   It’s a seven hour drive to Tom’s house,  but I feel really comfortable having him work on it. 

While I was there, Joe Ruttman and a friend brought in a T5 for Tom to look at.  Joe ran a lot in the NASCAR truck divison and did some other NASCAR races as well.  His brother is Troy Ruttman who ran at INDY a number of times.  In his past Tom has built transmissions for IMSA, Trans-AM and NASCAR, which is how he knows guys like Joe Ruttman.  On top of all that experience, Tom is a truly nice guy.


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  1. Hi Jerry, Sounds like you fond the problem and you will just have to wait. Things are slow around here at home. I have not been doing very much. Well I wish all my cars had 6-speeds, I like sticks!

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