Transmisssion is out!!

On Sunday, Dave and I slept in.  Sharon, Dave and I drove to Salisbury for lunch and then could hardly keep our eyes open once we sat down at home to watch the F1 race.  We originally planned on pulling the transmission on Sunday, but rest seemed to be the order of the day.

On Monday, we removed the transmission, clutch and flywheel from the Camaro.  We took the flywheel to have it resurfaced.  I am taking the transmission to Tom Huber in Franklin, TN on Wednesday to have it rebuilt.  Tom is the guy who designed the Richmond 6 speed transmission.  It will be a long drive as I plan on driving there and back on the same day.  Once the transmission is rebuilt, I will be making that run again.  While the transmission is out, I will clean up some areas under the car and repaint the driveshaft.  I still have an oil leak that I will try to find.    Hopefully, the car will be up and running soon. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we again had lunch in Salisbury and then drove to the Red Bull NASCAR buildings where our son Matt works.  I had called Matt prior to our heading that way and he said he would not be able to get away as the team had a bad day on Sunday and there was much work to do.  We did get to look through the windows in the lobby to see the cars in the final finish area. 

We then drove over to Matt’s house so Dave could see the fuel injection system on Matt’s 1969 Camaro.  To top off the day, we stopped in downtown Davidson to have ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s.  Today I took Dave to the airport and he headed back to Florida.  Our grand adventure is complete.


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