June 12th at Battleship Park

The day we have been working toward finally arrives, the receipt of the Long Haul award and the freebie gift.  The action here was at Battleship Park, only a few minutes from downtown Mobile.  A bit of a letdown as the organization was spotty and the total lack of traffic control meant it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot.  At least we had AC as many of the cars did not and suffered in the 90 degree heat and humidity.

The good part was the battleship.  Very impressive.  Dave and I walked through most of it and climbed to the top of the bridge, which was quite a workout.  They had some very nice displays inside the ship.  Some of the areas had AC but, for the most part, the heat was stifling. 

For the official picture of the Long Haulers, they had everyone line up on one side of the ship and took the photos from a fishing pier of the entire ship. Eventually, the photo will be available online so we can print it.

After the picture taking, Dave and I found relief from the heat in the aircraft museum.  They had some interesting planes.  During Katrina, this museum and the planes inside had received heavy damage.  Katrina also moved one end of the battleship towards shore by about 15 feet.  Glad I was not there for that.

Once we finally got out of the parking lot, we headed for NC arriving just before 10:00PM.  Since a guy car trip would not be complete without at least one meal at a Hooter’s, we ate at the Greenville, SC Hooters.  It was a long week and a great experience.  Now we need to rest a bit and think about doing it again next year.



  1. Jerry and Dav, Sounds like a fun trip! Now for next year need a couple of cars to tag along in a min-e club of your own inside the big group.
    Later Grover

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