June 11th at Mobile, AL

We had one of earliest departures of the entire event and all was going well for a couple hours.  Suddenly, our line of cars came to a halt and up ahead we could see a car across the road.  A lady in a Ford Escape with five people on board had started to pass just before the crest of a hill on a double yellow line.  As she came over the hill, cars scattered to the ditches.  She touched someone, corrected and then over corrected and shot across the road head on into a 1969 Burgundy Camaro.  The Camaro driver was dead at the scene and his son had non-life threatening injuries.  A very sad day.  I have never come across an accident where someone had been killed and I hope this is the last one.

We had to backtrack as it took them nearly three hours to clear the wreckage.  Eventually we made it to Mobile, AL with the rest of the group.  We parked downtown in the Historic Mobile area.  Very scenic and a great venue for the event.  Once we had our Long Haul cards stamped, we looked at some cars and headed to the hotel for relief from the 93 degree heat.

After cooling off, we walked about 10 blocks to Wintzell’s Oyster House for dinner.  A very interesting place with placards with wise sayings posted on every available wall space.  The food was good and we headed back towards the square.  On the way we passed an art gallery where the artist made glass sculptures.  The city had combined an art crawl with the Power Tour event including musicians on the street.  Each street light pole had an electrical outlet for the musicians to hook up their equipment. 

On the cathedral square, a tent was set up for a band to play.  During their intermissions, three belly dancers performed.  As you can see, Dave and I, for purely journalistic reasons, had to watch the belly dancers perform.  We also passed other bands on the street that were playing.  It was the nicest evening entertainment of the entire tour. 

And, as usual there were cars to bee seen. 

Tomorrow is the Long Haul awards ceremony and then we head for North Carolina.  It’s been a long week and we are ready to head for home.  Other than today’s tragedy, it has been a great week of cars and seeing the countryside of our great country.  Go to the “2010 Power Tour” tab to see the latest photos that I have posted.


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