June 9th at Chattanooga, Tn

Woke up to rain this morning so washing the car was out.  It dearly needs it.  We ate breakfast at the hotel and hit the road. 

The route instructions took us the long way to Chattanooga.  We had a huge traffic jam at one stop sign as the cars were backed up a mile or so.  Eventually, everything was sorted out and we made good time.  As we made one turn, I saw that Elcaminogirl was a few cars ahead of us.  Gave her a call to let her know we were back there.  She stopped for a break about when we needed one and we talked for a bit. 

One of the highlighted areas on the trip was Bumper’s drive-in which has a similar layout to Sonic.  There we talked a bit with Impalaguy and Dave and I ate lunch.

 The site for today’s gathering was at Chattanooga State Community College.  It is a beautiful campus which was soon overrun with cars.  We got out Long Haul cards dated and then began looking at cars.  We came across a most unusal Rambler.  It had been converted to suicide doors, fitted with a beautiful interior and a LS1 motor.  You had to see it to believe it.

There was also a beautiful 1957 Ford pickup that was obviously a high dollar conversion.  It was spectacular. 

Later we came across a stunning Morris Minor woody wagon, an English car that the owner had modified with a Toyota twin cam motor and many, many hours of loving care.  The owners were sitting behind their car and when I noticed they were from South Carolina, I asked which city.  When they said Greenville, I mentioned that my son had lived in Greenville and had worked for Michelin for 12 years.  Zach Merrill, the owner, also worked for Michelin and asked my son’s name.  Upon hearing it, they said they knew Matt well as he had been over to their house many times to work on his car and ask for information.  So I called Matt and handed the phone to Zach.  They talked for awhile and then I got the phone back.  Matt told me that if I had any kind of problem while Zach was around, Zach could fix it as he was brilliant at diagnosing problems.  Zach gave me his card and he refers to himself as “Car Whisperer”.

My brother-in-law is fixing up a ’30’s Plymouth.  I saw a beautiful ’34 today.  Here it is and I sent it to my sister and her husband as inspiration.

Another tiring day in the books.  Tomorrow we are on to Birmingham.  Only two stops left.  Don’t forget to check out the “2010 Power Tour” tab above and scroll through the new photos at the bottom of the page.



  1. It looks like you are having a ton of fun!! I have been following your posts…and Isaac is really enjoying looking at the pictures of all the “cool dude” cars. He likes “Super Papa’s” Camaro. Calaeb has been checking out the pictures too and is extremely jealous that you got to see Chip Foose. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog. It has been great fun but lots of work to get all the photos ready each evening and make the posts. However, being a car nut does require some sacrifices. Once I get the transmission fixed on the Camaro, I will have to give Issac a ride.

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