June 8th at Bowling Green, Ky.

Got an early start today and we arrived at the Bowling Green airport around 1:00PM.  Beautiful drive through the rolling countryside with many participants both ahead and behind us.  There were a number of people waiting along the roads to wave at the cars, in spite of it being a work day.  The vendors were set up on one of the runways with the cars in the grass in either side.  It was very hot today which was intensified by the heat radiating from the pavement. 

After hooking up with Mitch, the three of us decided to check out the vintage airplanes adjacent to the car show area.  One of them was a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor.  There were only 199 of them built between 1927 and 1935 with only eight surviving today and the one at the show being the only one still being flown everyday.  After some coaxing from Dave, who had flown on one of these planes in the past, Mitch and I agreed to take a ride.  We were both glad we did the flight.  It was such a unique experience being in this old airplane.  We flew over the airfield, over the Corvette plant and museum and over the Beech Bend Dragway.  I took a number of photos of both the plane and the views from the air.  One of the many interesting aspects of this plane was the gauges mounted on the exterior of the plane above the engine. 

Lingenfelter displayed a Trans-Am conversion kit for the latest Camaro.  This kit changes the nose and the tail and also had a Lingenfelter massaged engine.  The rear looked OK but the front did nothing for me.  We also saw another diesel powered car, this one having a Duramax V8 in a Chevelle.  Lot’s of plumbing for the turbos and well done.

One fellow with a Chevy street rod hit a deer on the way to Du Quoin.  We sure felt sorry for him.

We also saw more distinctive cars such as a ’57 Pontaic station wagon and a 1950 Olds convertible.  Both were outstanding.

We ate at an Outback just down the road and the headed for the Beech Park Dragway where we watch people battle it out.  There were some really fast cars, but the evening was cut short by a rain shower. 

A group of Austrailians were staying at our hotel.  The had three Holden Monaro utes shipped over here for the event.  A ute is similar to an El Camino.  In fact, before Pontiac’s demise, there was talk of bringing these utes over here as rebadged El Camino’s.  The three cars were painted red, white and blue.  One was the highest perfomaning stock ute available from Holden.  The other two were that model with the addition of a supercharger and other engine mods.  We spent quite a bit of time talking to them and they estimated the horsepower at 650 at the wheels on the supercharged cars.  Being Austrailian, the steering wheel is on the wrong side (at least to we Americans).  They had to post $100,000 cash bond to be allowed to bring the utes here and will get that money back once the utes are safely back in Austrailiam as they do not meet our emissions and safety standards.  They are having a great time traveling around the states.  After seeing the utes in person, GM needs to bring these over here as El Camino’s.  They are striking!!

And so ended another intense car day.  Tomorrow we travel to Chattanooga, TN. 

I have posted additional photos on the 2010 Power Tour page.  Click that tab and scroll to the bottom to see the latest photos.


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