June 6th in Downtown Springfield

While the distance was only 300 miles, it took us all day to get from Newton to Springfield.  Lots of cars on different re-fueling schedules, some traffic backups, lunch, pee breaks and being good Samaritans contributed to the time spent on the road.  It was a pleasant drive through the Iowa and Illinois countryside.  Iowa topography is rolling while it is very flat in Illinois.

At our first gas stop, a lady drove over a curb making at turn onto the road next to the station and severely bent a wheel and ruined a tire.  She could not have picked a better place for this to happen as her car was soon surrounded by willing volunteers to change her tire.  Just so you know the guys had the best of intentions, she was a middle aged housewife not a young hottie!!

At our lunch stop, while one of our group cleaned his car, Dave Draper had to make a repair to his dangling exhaust.  A little bit of baling wire and all was well!!  Literally!!

When Dave Raymond had to whiz, we picked a Hardee’s for relief.  When the rest of the group had to whiz, they picked a bar.  They are obviously much smarter than Dave and I.  The beer tasted great!!  Soon we were in downtown Springfield which was engulfed with Power Tour cars.  Parked our car and walked around a bit before hunger set in again.  We finished dinner around 8:00 and were surprised that basically all the cars and vendors were gone!!  Springfield rolls up its sidewalks early on Sunday night.

The onlyaction was just outside the Hilton we were staying at.  There was a wild slammed pickup with tandem rear wheels, a beautiful Plymouth woody wagon, and a stunning ’63 Impala/boat combination painted a bright orange over silver.  There was also a Pontiac Solstice with a LS V8 in the tilt nose!!!!  As I write this at nearly 11:00 PM, the boys are still playing with their toys on the street in front of the hotel.  Huge burnouts!!!!!!!

The most amazing part of the day were the people lined up alongside the route as we drove to Springfield.  The people were not limited to the towns we passed through.  There would be groups of people in the countryside, a single person here and there and we saw one group who had organized a cookout with chairs lined up for the people to watch the parade.  And most of them waved to us and we responded in kind.  We asked one group how they knew about the tour and they learned of it in the local papers who had published schedules. 

Tomorrow we travel to Du Quoin to gather again.  More fun to be had by all!!


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  1. And the guys fixing the tire are young hotties.

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