June 5th at Iowa Speedway

It was raining when we woke up this morning and the forecast was foreboding.  It was so bad that we bought umbrellas just to be safe.  And they worked!!  It did not rain a drop while we were at the track!!

As newbies, we followed the crowd to registration through much slop and mud.  The registration location probably was not popular with the owners of these normally pristine cars.  Registrations itself went very smoothly and soon we had our car parked for the day. 

After drooling over a spectacular black Impala among others, we headed to the sponsor exhibits.  Most of the vendors had cool cars sitting in front of them and freebies.  We are watching our freebie intake as the Boxster is pretty well stuffed. 

The Magnaflow booth featured Chip Foose signing posters.  The line was huge and we finally gave up!    Eventually, after hunger and fatigue overcame us, we waited in line some more to  buy lunch and ate it while sitting in the stands watching cars running parade laps around the speedway. 

There are so many cars that only the really unusual and original really stood out.  For instance, there was a vehicle that was a truck made up to look like a train engine including a real train whistle.  He could easily scare the hell out of most people with that horn!  That’s Dave saying, “HELLO, ANYBODY HOME??”

We also came across a NSU Prinz.  The last place I would have expected to see a Prinz would be at a Hot Rod Power Tour.  This is a German car that was built in the sixties.  It currently has a Volkswagen engine and has a hood for both the front and rear.  It was very unique as was its knowlegeable owner.

Another unusal and well done car was a Kaiser.  This is also a very rare car and not your normal street rod.  It had ghost flames and lots of chrome.  Very well done.

And there we more rat rods and trucks, and more ’69 Camaros than they made that year.  All in all, it was a great day.  I have added photos that I took today to the Power Tour 2010 tab.  Check them out.


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  1. Could you get the train truck? That’s what I need to drive into Salisbury every day. I could haul all my things to the studio and blow the horn at people that are driving too slow.

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