June 4th and on to Newton

Got up early to wash the car.  My sister Marilyn and husband Rodney were making bacon and eggs on the patio grill.  DELICIOUS!!  Loaded up the car, took Dave on a quick tour of my hometown (he was duly overwhelmed!!), visited my mother and off we drove towards Newton, IA.  Today was as uneventful as yesterday had been eventful.  We arrived at our hotel in Pella around 6:30 PM, cleaned up, wiped the bugs off the car and headed for the Newton Town Square for the festivites. 

It was a great scene with the cars lined up around the courthouse and in adjacent parking areas.  We spent a couple hours checking out the many, many cars and discovered some very nice ones.  Makes one drool to see what people are capable of. 

Dave was very attracted to the rat rods and thought there were very cool.  By now fatigue and hunger were at hand.  We downed some burgers and beer and headed back to the hotel.  Go to the Power Tour 2010 tab for more pictures. 

Tomorrow is the first big day.  Have to register in the morning, check out he cars, watch some drag racing and have a great time!!


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