June 3rd Departure and Issues!!

On Wednesday, I called Adam (Ra66GTO) and discovered he would not be able to go due to a medical issue.  Bummer!!

Thursday, June 3rd, began as it should.  Dave and I (jerhofer) met with Bob (Power Tour) and his sons at exit 100 south of Winston-Salem  around 7:45. 

We soon arrived at Fancy Gap, VA to hook up with Terri (Elcaminogirl), her boyfriend Vic (67Ragtop) and Charles (Impalaguy).   While there, we talked with Fred (Fine59) who said he would not be able to hook up with us at Tamarak.

So, off we went, north on I-77 through Virginia to WV and on to somewhere in Illinois at day’s end.  All was going well with my Camaro as we were cruising along at 80mph in sixth gear at 2000rpm.  Suddenly, we heard a loud snapping sound and lost sixth gear.  After downshifting to fifth, we drove another seven or eight miles as we let everyone know we had a problem.  Soon we were at the first WV toll booth where I had a heck of a time getting the car out of the pay lane.  We now knew we were probably done for the PT with the Camaro. 

Power Tour and sons arrived, jacked up the car to check the linkage and determined that was not the issue.  We told them to go on as there was nothing they could do.  We really appreciated their efforts.

At time like these you find out who your true friends are.  My neighbor Reese had told me if I was closer than eight hours away and broke down, he would come get me with his trailer.  True to his word, when I called him, he immediately began hooking up his trailer to head our way for a 3 1/2 hour trip.   Dave really wanted to complete the PT as this is one of his “bucket list” things.  While my 2005 Boxster is not exactly the typical PT ride, we decided to take it on the tour.  This led to the idea of having Reese go to my garage, load up the Boxster and bring it to us in WV. 

About four hours later, Reese and wife Kim rolled through the toll booth with the Boxster on board.  We unloaded the Boxster, transferred luggage and other necessities from the Camaro to the Boxster, loaded the Camaro on the trailer and we were off.  Many thanks to Reese and Kim for being the best neighbors one could have.  And special thanks to Kim for bringing us delicious cookies!!!!

With the rest of the group long gone, we decided to drive to my sister’s house in Indiana just west of Cincinnati.  Due to some street closures in the Covington, KY area, our GPS was having problems getting us on to I75 so we could cross the Ohio river.  Upon seeing a couple of police cars, we pulled up next to one of them.  He had his passenger window down, so I poked my head in and asked if he could help us find I75.  Rather gruffly, he informed me that it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to poke my head into his car when he had prisoners in the back.  I poked my head in further to look into the back to see the prisoners and told him I had no idea he had prisoners on board.  He then forcefully said, “SIR, please BACK away from the car!!”  I can take a hint so I asked the other officer standing there and he kindly told us how to get to the interstate.  We arrived there around 10:30 and immediately called for beer and sustenance.   After consuming a few beers and snacks, it was time to call it a day. 

Thanks to Rodney and Marilyn for putting up us up for the night.



  1. Hi Jerry And Dav,
    What a bumer! Will You be able to do the hole trip in the
    Porsche? To bad it is not a GT3.
    GO get EM !

    • Yeah, we plan on doing the whole trip in the Boxster. We are going to try to pass it off as the prototype Camaro convertible. To really confuse things, we are looking for magnetic Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and Chrysler badges that we will stick to the car. There is a TR6 with a small block with a turbo, a Bugeye sprite, and some Jap cars. So far, we are the only Porsche we have seen.

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