Power Tour Preparations

We will be leaving a week from now!!  Hard to believe the time is at hand.

I have been making final prepartions on the car for the trip.  Since we will be spending many hours behind the wheel, I decided to take my portable XM radio from another car and temporarily install it in the Camaro.  I ran all the wires into the glove box and I will keep the receiver there.  Whoever is riding shotgun becomes the XM czar!!

I also began test fitting all the gear into the trunk to make sure everything fits.  As you can see, it is quite full without the bags for clothes, which will go in the back seat.

I have also been doing some last minute minor repairs.  One of my LED turn signal indicator lights burned out so I had to pull the steering wheel and the instrument panel to replace it.  While I had the car on the  lift with the emergency brake on, I noticed I had a cable problem.  After installing a bracket I made for the cable to keep it from binding, all is well. 

Dave and I will meet Adam Six and his GTO in Salisbury around 7:00 next Thursday and it will be on!!  We are meeting a group at Fancy Gap, VA and then another group at Beckley, WV.  It will be a long first day as we plan on making it to Illinois so we can have a short trip on Friday into Newton, IA.  Registration is from 2:00-6:00 on Friday followed by a cruise in and party in downtown Newton and other places. 

Can’t wait to go!!



  1. Looks like you’re all set!

    What I want to know is – who’s gonna be riding shotgun?

    • Dave Raymond. He is a 30 plus year friend from our Porsche club days in Indiana. He currently lives in Florida and is flying in next Tuesday. He is a certified car nut as well.

      Too much car stuff for Sharon!! Plus she didn’t really want to go that far in the Camaro. It is not her favorite car!!

      She takes trips to paint and I stay home. So I guess it all equals out. It’s worked for 42 years.

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