Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog.  The immediate reason I am starting this blog has to do with Dave Raymond and I running the Hot Rod Power Tour in my 1977 Camaro pro-touring car.  We are leaving  NC on June 3rd and traveling to the start of the Power Tour in Newton, Ia. on June 5th.  The PT ending city is Mobile, AL. a week later.   My thought is to post comments and photos each day during the PT.


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  1. Moving along!! Dave is flying to Charlotte on June 1 and back on the 15th so he will have a couple extra days to rest up on each end of the trip. Talked to Adam Six, the guy from Kannapolis with the ’66 GTO. He is waiting on some parts for his car but should be ready by the departure time. He is a mechanic as well so we will have some experienced wrenches with us.

    I have copied some lists of things to take from one of the websites. I will have to have Sharon follow in the station wagon to bring everything!! However, there are some things on the list I would not have thought of.

    It’s getting close now.

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